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Please feel free to contact me at genevieve.metson at liu dot se if you would like to hear more about project opportunities, to collaborate, or if you have questions.

When you email, please clearly express what aspect of our research you are interested in (try to be specific in your interests so we can find areas of overlap), a copy of your unofficial academic transcripts, as well as your cv.

I am always looking for enthusiastic and hard working undergraduate and master’s students. PhDs and Postdocs need to be funded out of grants (we hear back about many funding opportunities in November but there are other times of year as well), but if you are interested please reach out as it may be possible to apply for a grant with you in mind.

The Swedish academic system is a little different than the North American one I was in so here are a few helpful things to note:

-At LiU the academic year runs on blocks and not semesters or quarters which means things are quick but also allows for some really focused attention on a class or project. Here is some helpful information for incoming students at LiU.

-Undergraduates can do some pretty great honors projects towards the end of their degrees.
-Master’s students have a lot of classes but can do research projects in a lab the second year. These are usually unpaid (but there can be some payed summer work).
-PhDs are usually 4-5 years (3-4 years of research and 1 year of teaching spread over time if there is interest and need) and come with good financial support and training. This means PhDs are usually under the umbrella of a Swedish or EU funded project, but co-supervision with other universities is also possible for students coming in with strong independent ideas (as well as their own scholarships).

photo credit: Alex Pritz

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